Quiet Electronics Cabinet Cooling Fan Suppliers and Manufacturers in China

    Quiet Electronics Cabinet Cooling Fan

    Style: Backward Centrifugal Fans

    Material: PA66

    Type of protection : IP42

    Approvals:CCC  CE

    Insulation class : B


    Fan type

     Backward Curved Centrifugal Fan 

    Model no.


    Rated Voltage


    Impeller Size


    Motor Type

     Brushless DC(BLDC) external rotor motor 

    quiet electronics cabinet cooling fan


     1~200 pcs based on EXF price; 200pcs above based on FOB price.

    Payment terms

     T/T; L/C; Paypal

    Insulation Class


    Speed Control



    Type Curve Nominal voltage Speed Power input Current draw Sound pressure level Perm.amb.temp.
    B3P133-DC072-001   [VDC] [rpm] [W] [A] [dB] [℃]
    24 4500 55 2.2 68 -25~+60

    centrifugal fan technical specification

    centrifugal fan technical specification


    About Quiet Electronics Cabinet Cooling Fan


    Product Descriptions


      A cooling fan is a small electronic device that is used to cool an electronic component. The fan usually spins around a central hub and uses a motor to create air flow. Some fans are quiet while others are quite loud. It is important to choose the right fan for the correct application.


      A typical electronics cabinet fan is noisier than necessary and can be a nuisance in a quiet environment. However, there are a few quiet electronics cabinet cooling fans available that are less noisy and more efficient. If you are looking for a quieter fan to cool your electronics cabinet, these are a good option.


      Computers, televisions, and other electronics can generate a lot of heat. In order to keep them from overheating, you'll need to install cooling fans. There are a few things to keep in mind when installing cooling fans: the size of the fan, the type of fan, where the fan will be installed, and whether or not the fan will be automatic.


      Cooling fans are important for electronics cabinet as they help to keep the equipment cool. There are many different types of fans, so it is important to find the right one for your needs. Some common fans used in electronics cabinets are those that use air conditioning or refrigeration to produce cooled air.


    Advantages & Features  of Quiet Electronics Cabinet Cooling Fan 


    Fans are an important part of any electronics cabinet. They help to keep the components cool, and can be used to circulate air or to drive a fan. There are many different types of fans, and each has its own advantages and features. Some fans are more powerful than others, and some are better suited for specific applications. It's important to choose the right fan for the job, and to consider the factors that will affect its performance.


    • Keep your electronic equipment safe from overheating with these powerful cooling fans
    • Fans circulate cool air throughout the cabinet, preventing any one spot from getting too hot
    • Quiet and unobtrusive, these fans will keep your equipment running smoothly without any noise interference
    • 3-speed fan offers customizable cooling for any electronic device
    • Mounting hardware included for easy installation


    Quiet Electronics Cabinet Cooling Fan Suppliers and Manufacturers in China    


      HAINING AFL Electric Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating design, research and development, production, construction and service. After years of market development and technological innovation, this enterprise has formed a continuous supply of new technologies and new technologies for the development of the national economy. Process, new materials, new equipment capabilities.


      AFL offers high quality, superior performance, green energy saving quiet electronics cabinet cooling fan,Our company is a successful manufacturer and supplier,We devoted ourselves to electromechanical and electronics industry many years Provide excellent service and competitive price for you, we are expecting to become your long term partner in China.


      The company's products mainly include: Backward Centrifugal Fans, EC fan, axial fan, blower fan, radial fan, EC motor, external rotor motor, DC fan; DC motor; DC brushless motor and more. Welcome to call to discuss cooperation.>>>more product

    HAINING AFL Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd. Support By Hangzhou Great Master

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