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    About Fan Manufacturer:


    The airflow in the same direction as the axis of the blade, such as an electric fan or a fan outside an air conditioner, is Fan Manufacturer. Fan Manufacturer: It has a wide range of uses, that is, the airflow in the same direction as the blade axis. For example, electric fans, air conditioners, and external fans are all axial-flow fans. It is called "axial flow" because the gas flows parallel to the fan axis. Fan Manufacturer is usually used in occasions with higher flow requirements and lower pressure requirements. The axial fan fixes the position and moves the air. Fan Manufacturer is mainly composed of fan impeller and casing. The structure is simple, but the data requirements are very high.

    Fan Manufacturer


    Working principle:


    When the impeller rotates, the gas enters the impeller axially from the air inlet and is pushed by the blades on the impeller. The energy of the gas rises and then flows into the guide vane. The guide vane turns the deflected airflow into an axial flow, and at the same time introduces the gas into the diffuser tube, further converts the kinetic energy of the gas into pressure energy, and finally introduces it into the working pipeline.


    It can be used for ventilation or heat dissipation in metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, food, medical equipment, mechanical equipment, and civil buildings. If the casing is removed, it can also be used as a free fan, or it can be installed in series in a longer exhaust pipe at intervals to increase the wind pressure in the pipe.


    Run check:


    When Fan Manufacturer is running, it mainly monitors the total flow of various types of motors Fan Manufacturer. Current is not only a sign of wind turbine load, but also a prediction of some abnormal changes. In addition, always check whether the vibration of the motor and fan is normal, whether there is friction, and whether there is abnormal noise.


    According to the characteristics of Fan Manufacturer, it is divided into the following categories:


    1. Classified by material: steel fan, glass fiber reinforced plastic fan, plastic fan, PP fan, PVC fan, magnesium alloy fan, aluminum fan, stainless steel fan, etc.


    2. Classified by purpose: explosion-proof fans, anti-corrosion fans, explosion-proof and anti-corrosion fans, special types such as Fan Manufacturer.


    3. Classification according to the requirements of use: pipeline type, wall-mounted type, column type, fixed type, rain-proof and dust-proof type, mobile type, external motor type, etc.


    4. According to the installation method, it can be divided into: belt drive type and motor direct connection type.Fan Manufacturer


    AFL Fan Manufacturer


    AFL is a leading company in China that focuses on Centrifugal Fan, axial fan  customization. We focus on producing high-quality products with complete specifications. 


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