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    China Centrifugal fan wholesaler

    Product Types: Backward Centrifugal Fans

    Material:Sheet aluminium

    Protection Class:IP54 

    Approvals:CCC  CE

    Insulation class : F

      Voltage Frequency Current Input Power Speed Capacity Air Flow Noise Temperature Curve No. Approvals
    Type V Hz A W rpm μ F m3/h/CFM dB/A Min/Max(℃) #  

    1.50 510 1380 10
    4400/2588 69 -30 /+60 CCC,CE,RoHS

    Backward Centrifugal Fans

    Backward Centrifugal Fans



    Customized solutions of China Centrifugal fan:


    Customize Your Electric Motors


    1. Over 20 year industrial experience in custom electric motors;


    2. Class B & Class F insulation system for Motor components certified by UL;


    3. One-station service covering design, mould, sampling,test, manufacturer and export.


    Mainly Applications of China Centrifugal fan:


    · EC fan array


    · Electronic cabinet cooling


    · Clean room modules


    · Heat exchangers


    · Air filtration systems


    · Military HRAC


    · Pharmaceutical/biological control systems


    · Computer room air conditioning (CRAC) systems


    · Air-handling units


    Electronic Protections of China Centrifugal fan:


    - Soft Start ;


    - Locked-rotor Protectionn ;


    - Tach output


    - Reverse Polatity


    The advantages of China Centrifugal fan:


    1.Our Centrifugal fans’effiency are 30%-60% higher than the traditional motors.


    2.the build-in PCBA achieved stepless speed control,and communication with customers products .


    3.longer life span up to 600,000hours .


    4.IP55,IP68 can be customized.


    5.Sine wave ,three phase eliminate electromagnetic-acoustic and lots of other protection functions like soft start, overload,motor block …


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