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Choosing the Right 700 CFM Exhaust Fan: A Buyer's Guide

Release time: 22-11-2023

Understanding the Significance of a 700 CFM Exhaust Fan


The 700 CFM exhaust fan serves as a pivotal ventilation tool, crucial for expelling air efficiently from kitchen or bathroom spaces. CFM, or Cubic Feet per Minute, represents the airflow capacity, and a 700 CFM exhaust fan signifies its ability to remove 700 cubic feet of air per minute. This powerful ventilation capability makes it an ideal choice for combating kitchen grease, moisture, and unwanted odors.


Exploring Different Variants of 700 CFM Exhaust Fans


Wall-Mounted 700 CFM Exhaust Fan


Wall-mounted 700 CFM exhaust fans are typically installed on walls, suitable for kitchen or bathroom areas. Their installation is relatively straightforward and often provides effective ventilation. However, limitations in space or wall layouts might prompt consideration of other fan types.


Ceiling-Mounted 700 CFM Exhaust Fan


Ceiling-mounted 700 CFM exhaust fans are installed overhead, commonly employed in larger kitchens or commercial spaces. Their design is tailored for handling substantial amounts of grease and steam, covering more extensive areas. Nevertheless, installing these may require more professional assistance and space.


Built-in 700 CFM Exhaust Fan


Built-in 700 CFM exhaust fans are concealed within walls or ceilings, minimizing space intrusion. They typically complement the overall design of kitchens or bathrooms while offering decent ventilation. However, maintenance and cleaning might pose relative complexity, demanding heightened attention.

700 cfm exhaust fan

Selecting the Right 700 CFM Exhaust Fan for Your Needs


Consider the Space Size


When choosing a 700 CFM exhaust fan, the foremost consideration is the size of the space it will serve. Larger kitchens or commercial settings might necessitate higher-powered fans to ensure efficient ventilation. Conversely, smaller bathrooms or kitchens might suffice with lower-powered options.


Focus on Noise Levels


Some 700 CFM exhaust fans might generate considerable noise, impacting your living environment. Before purchase, review product specifications for noise ratings to ensure the chosen fan operates without excessive noise disturbance.


Energy Efficiency Considerations


For 700 CFM exhaust fans, pondering their energy efficiency is crucial. Look for products carrying Energy Star certification, as they often conserve energy during operation, subsequently reducing energy costs.

700 cfm exhaust fan

Installation and Maintenance of 700 CFM Exhaust Fans


Professional Installation


Installing a 700 CFM exhaust fan typically requires professional assistance, especially for ceiling-mounted or built-in variants. Ensuring the engagement of experienced installers guarantees proper setup and effective performance.


Regular Cleaning and Maintenance


Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to ensure the smooth functioning of a 700 CFM exhaust fan. Clearing filters, cleaning fan blades, and periodic checks on electrical connections ensure safe and optimal operation.


Price Range of 700 CFM Exhaust Fans


The prices of 700 CFM exhaust fans vary based on brand, model, and features. They can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Before purchasing, ensure comparison of different products available in the market, selecting one that aligns with both your budget and requirements.

700 cfm exhaust fan



Selecting the appropriate 700 CFM exhaust fan is integral to maintaining proper ventilation in kitchens or bathrooms. By familiarizing yourself with different types, functionalities, and installation requirements, you can make informed purchasing decisions. Remember to factor in space size, noise levels, energy efficiency, and regular maintenance as crucial elements in choosing and utilizing the optimal 700 CFM exhaust fan.

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