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What Is The Difference Between Forward And Backward Curved Fan And What Are The Applications?

Release time: 07-06-2022

Difference between forward and backward curved fan:



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Backward Inclined Fan Vs Forward Curved


1.Backward Curved Fan


A backward curved fan, also known as a reverse-curved fan, is a type of folding fan that has a backward curve in the blade. This type of fan is often used to create a breeze while sitting in an indoor setting.The fan is designed to provide improved airflow and increased cooling for computers and other electronic devices. The fan has a backward curved design that provides superior air flow.


Backward curved fan is a new type of fan that has been designed to improve air circulation. This fan is made out of carbon and it has a curved blade that helps it move air in a backward motion. The fan is said to improve the airflow in computer cases, gaming rigs and other small spaces.


The traditional fan shape is usually straight. However, some fans are curved backwards, which can add a unique and stylish look to your room. Curved fans can also be more efficient in distributing air, keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.Backward curved fans are becoming increasingly popular because of their unique look and functionality. They can be used for a variety of purposes, such as cooling down a room or creating an air flow.


- Efficiency only slightly less than airfoil fans. 10 to 16 single-thickness blades curved or inclined away from direction of rotation. Deep blades allow efficient expansion within blade passages. Air leaves impeller at velocity less than tip speed.


- Efficiency slightly lower than airfoil fan. The highest efficiencies occur at 50 to 60% of wide-open volume. This volume also has good pressure characteristics. Power reaches maximum near peak efficiency and becomes lower, or self-limiting, toward free delivery.


- Heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning applications as airfoil fan. Used in some industrial applications where environment may corrode or erode airfoil blade.


2.Forward Curved Fan


Forward curved fan blades provide a unique air flow experience. The design of the fan allows it to circulate more air than a traditional circular fan blade, which can provide cooler air. Forward curved fan blades are also smaller which makes them easier to move around and less obstructive.


Forward Curved Fan is a unique fan design that was created to improve air flow and circulation in your home. This fan has a curved shape that allows it to circulate the air more effectively than a traditional fan. Additionally, the fan blades are angled inward, which helps to reduce noise and heat.


Forward curved fans are a unique type of fan that is becoming more popular. These fans can be used in a variety of applications, such as cooling off an area, creating a breeze, or being used as an air purifier. Forward curved fans are also very energy efficient and are often quieter than traditional fans.


- Flatter pressure curve and lower efficiency than the airfoil fan, backward-curved fan, and backward-inclined fan.


Do not rate fan in the pressure curve dip to the left of peak pressure. Power rises continually toward free delivery. Motor selection must take this into account.


- Pressure curve less steep than that of backward-curved fans. Curve dips to left of peak pressure.


Highest efficiency is to right of peak pressure at 40 to 50% of wide-open volume. Rate fan is to right of peak pressure. Account for power curve, which rises continually toward free delivery, when selecting motor.


- Primarily for low-pressure HVAC applications, such as residential furnaces, central station units, and packaged air conditioners.


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