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Blower Fans Maintenance Tips

Release time: 02-03-2022

About blower fan:


Blower Fans Maintenance Tips


Blower fans have gained traction in exhaust and cooling applications in domestic as well as industrial segments. They help remove the trapped smoke or air at a significant velocity. They are suitable in high-pressure applications, which help maintain a constant speed. Industrial blower fans have varied speeds and capacities based on the requirements. There can be AC blower fans as well as DC blower fans depending on their power source. Like any other machine or equipment these blower fans also need maintenance, which helps increase their efficiency and lifespan. There are a number of factors one needs to consider for their maintenance. This post offers tips for maintenance of AC and DC blower fans


Factors to Consider for Blower Fan Maintenance


Here, we consider domestic as well as industrial blower fans. Of these, the industrial blower fans are exposed to dust, oil, grease, chemicals, heat, and other contaminants entering through outside air. So, they are designed to be resist these parameters. However, they need to be cleaned once in a while to prevent clogging, slowing down, and other damages. Here are some useful tips in this regard:


Although AC and DC blower fans come with an enclosure, the outer casing as well as the fan parts must be designed in a way that no dust or contaminants enter inside.


Aside from the design, installation also plays a role in this regard as the fan needs to be assembled firmly with the unit. The amount of space available and the way the fan is mounted should be such that the it must be easy to access the fan. Fans can be effectively installed even in cramped up areas.


Having an access door for flush mounted fans eases this job.


Depending on your application environment, ensure the fan can withstand vibration and shock apart from the physical parameters.


Check the level of tolerance your fan needs and compare it with what the manufacturer offers. Get it custom made if possible. Also, when functioning, ensure the tolerance limits are not exceeded.


Bearings must be lubricated well to avoid friction, which may slow down the speed and hamper productivity.


Periodically check for any damages, corrosion, build-up of dust, contaminants, and so on. This will reduce the chances of damage.


Ensure all the parts of the fan have free movement and make it a point to rotate the fan wheel manually at least once in a while to check for noise, friction, and so on. This will give an idea of the level of maintenance the fan needs.


As far as possible, keep the fan away from an area prone to dust and heat. The enclosure should be strong enough so that fan does not have to bear much vibration.


Blower Fans

Get the fan checked from a professional once in a few months. However, it is essential that you maintain it well at your own level. This helps reduce downtime and cost of repair.


Be aware of the electricity your blowers consume for certain applications such as HVAC, machine cooling, dust collection, and so on.


Ensure the fan is not very noisy and the airflow at inlets and outlets is well adjusted. Trapped air or no airflow could be due do broken couplings or a pipe leak. In this case check if any valve is loose, else call a professional.


In spite of all these, if your blower doers not rotate, it could be due to incorrect wiring, damaged winding in the motor, or rusted impeller. Seek professional help in such cases.


Apart from the actual process-related vibration, a fan may excessively vibrate due to reasons such as faulty or loose installation and mounting, loose sheaves, and failed bolts. This vibration and subsequent damage can be easily avoided by mounting the fan on a strong base, check all the bolts and parts, and technically correct installation.


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